Seminarreihe des Institutes für Immunologie

Die Vorträge unserer Seminarreihe finden jeweils 17:00 s.t. im UKE, Gebäude N27 "Campus Forschung" im EG, Seminarraum 00.014 statt.

10.07.2023 Molly IngersollParis
27.02.2023"The dendritic cell social network: a space for communicating immunity or tolerance?"Francesca FallarinoPerugia
23.01.2023"Understanding HLA-associated complex diseases - From the jungle to the bedside"Tobias LenzHamburg
12.12.2022“The role of the human microbiome in inflammatory and immune diseases”Melanie SchirmerMünchen
21.03.2022 (online)"Human immune system variation"Petter BrodinStockholm
12.08.2019"Intestinal homeostasis-orchestration of local and systemic immune responses”Philip RosenstielKiel
04.02.2019"A genome-wide approach to understanding gamma-delta T cell development and function"David WiestPhiladelphia
12.11.2018”NK cells in host defense against viral infections and tumors”Hans-Gustaf LjunggrenStockholm
11.06.2018„Antigen- and Co-Receptor Signals in Lymphoma“Jürgen RulandFreiburg
13.02.2018“A surprising connection: invariant T cells, vitamins, bacteria and wild mice”Olivier LantzParis
18.12.2017“Sex-bias in TLR7-dependent responses: variations on the X chromosome”Jean-Charles GuéryToulouse
20.11.2017“The multi-faceted role of antibody glycosylation in disease”Galit AlterBoston
23.10.2017"Antibodies in cancer patients responding to immunotherapy: antigen specificity and in vivo efficacy"Hergen SpitsAmsterdam