In our Integrated Model Study Course Medicine (iMED), theoretical and practical-clinical training contents are closely interconnected across the entire course of the study.


Stroke, cardiac infarction, cancer – the treatment of those diseases is based on excellent research. The UKE is specialized in them and in inflammation and healthcare research.


In our centers, our experts in the clinics and institutes work together in an interdisciplinary, close and trustful way to offer optimal care to you.


Our specialists in the hospitals and institutes have jointly described disease patterns for you which are examined and treated in the UKE.


Latest available medical technology and innovative information technology offer ideal conditions for a dense interconnectedness of high-end medicine, research and teaching


The UKE is not just one of the most modern and renowned hospitals in Europe; it is also an attractive employer for various occupation groups. Let us convince you.


You can search for our physicians, scientists or staff members and obtain information on disease patterns by using our central search tool (in German).

Specific questions about our treatments will be answered by our International Office .

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